What are the bikini trends 2020? You'll find the answer here.

Before summer start you should definitely know what are the hip bikinis to wear this year. In this blog article we give you an overview. 

Summer is when the bikini or swimsuit becomes our outfit. In the hot months we live almost in our swimwear and want to look super-hot. But what are the trendy swimwear trends and even more important: What is out in 2020? And to make you well prepared for the hopefully soon coming beach holiday, here's a little overview of the Swimwear Trends 2020.

These styles are totally out in 2020:

  • Push-up swimwear: Thick cushions in a bikini or swimsuit are not in demand in 2020. No one wants to have breasts under the chin anymore. Naturalness is in demand. The push-up bikini has nothing more to do with your bikini repertoire in 2020.
  • Lace bikinis: Lace bikinis will no longer be the choise of any fashion girl in 2020. The times are really over now.
  • Bikinis with embroidery: Also this style is totally out in 2020. Clean lines, unadorned designs and simple elegance are the choice for 2020.

With these styles, you are in full swing in 2020

1 - High leg cut: The 80s are greeting us. Bikinis and swimsuits with high leg cutout are totally hip this year. Positive side effect: Due to the high cut, the legs are visually stretched. The tonic bikini bottom styles follow this trend, hoever, we also think it's important  not turn out to be over the top and to make sure that your beach look will never look cheap.

2 - Retro: Especially popular in 2020, retro pieces. Inspired by the swimwear trends of the 60s and 70s, the style is wonderfully soft and feminine thanks to the wave shape. And the high waist conjures up extra long model legs. We consistently follow this trend with our styles, so that you show your femininity in a tonic bikini and look even more natural and super sexy!

# 3 - Bandeau Tops: This trend is directly from the 90s as well: Bandeau tops - whether bikinis or bathing suits - are an absolute must-have for the beach this year. Less suitable for sports activities, these models are a great alternative for those who like to tan, because they are absolutely practical and look really cool too. Our Luna bandeau top is a perfect example for this major trend.

# 4 -Stretch: So much is certain, the heat-days, at which one would like to walk only in bikini, come determined. And you look good in your bikini or bathing suit. Top-quality stretch fabrics are therefore highly important in 2020. This also sometimes in combination with a Scrunch pattern or for the trendy high-cut bikini panties.  For both styles, a very nice stretch quality is crucial so that you will look really superb.

 # 5 - Sporty Swimsuits: Perfect for Surfer Girlls, sporty swimsuits without cut-outs are a big topic in 2020. Active girls who enjoy water sports or women who want to protect their skin from the sun should also get such a bathing suit as e.g. our Matira one piece

# 6 - Attractive details: Swimwear can sometimes be quite simple and offers – except chains, or towels –  not many options for accessories. It is all the better if refined details already come with the bikinis and bathing suits. Small playful elements such as emblems or beautiful brand placements make the small difference. And do not forget: The decisive factor in the end is always the combination of sexy cut, beautiful stretch quality and the beautiful details to make a bikini unique.

The best way ist hat you look directly into our styles. We are sure that you will enjoy our bikinis and bathing suits, so that you dan fully enjoy the summer of 2020.