Which bikini fits you best? Four important tips for a perfect bikini choice.

Who does not dream of the bikini, which triggers a wow effect at the booth or in the outdoor pool with your girlfriends. To find one is usually difficult, and often not possible. On the one hand there are many cheap offers, but you have to make big compromises in terms of quality, feeling on the skin or in terms of design. Or the slightly more expensive bikini is quite nice, but somehow boring. Also, a bikini is now just a little matter. And if all the details are not done right and the editing is well thought out, the disappointment is inevitable.  So, what do you have to look for when buying your perfect bikini:

The right color

Many women rely on colorful dresses, blouses or pants - but the bikini should be as dark colors as possible, such as black, anthracite or dark blue. While this is certainly not a wrong path, it is especially useful if you have a darker skin type or already some tan. Because if you have at the beginning of the summer a noble pallor, you will emphasize this bright complexion by a dark fabric even more. Thus, it is always worthwhile to rely on colors; this year especially pastel colors in mango or gray blue are very popular. But also bright colors are of course perfect for this summer.

The right cut

A bikini that will make you a perfect booty sounds almost too good to be true. Panties mostly consist of very little material that the skin is exposed on your back. Nevertheless, there is actually one form that makes your butt crisp. The answer is simple and may astonish many. The perfect solution goes in the direction of the Brazilian Cut. The panties with this cut are cut tide and have a slightly higher leg cut. Thus, quite a lot of skin is exposed. But the small fabric triangle combined with a good stretch visually lifts the bottom up at the decisive points and makes it look crisper. That is why not only many models, but also all sorts of female celebrities wear Brazilian Cut Bikinis.

And the same applies to the top part. Do not you also have the unpleasant feeling of getting out of the water with your padded bikini top and then you have the feeling of having  a sponge soaked in water wrested around you? Again, the solution is to choose a bikini top, which by its cut, but not by its padding cause a natural push effect. With a little less bust size, a bandeau top is also a perfect solution, though that may be a little surprising for you. However, the naturalness you achieve with such a top makes you look extremely sexy.

Quality, quality, quality

This all is only true if your new bikini is of the highest quality. It is very important that your bikini fits perfectly and doesn't cut into your skin. Particularly suitable to avoid this are models, which have a very high Lycra fabric quality and have a so-called two-way stretch. This ensures that your bikini always sits perfectly and doesn't form any unnecessary wrinkles. A bikini without seams makes the stretch working perfectly. This is particularly important for the advantageous Brazilian cut described above, since otherwise it may actually look a bit  "cheap".

Steer clear of cheap deals and bikini sales

 Do not be tempted by bargain offers. The bikini with its little fabric needs excellent quality to look good. It is not worth to make compromises here. It might be better if you only wear one or two different bikinis per season, which you are welcome to reuse the following year. 

Finally, a very important piece of advice: Be a bit brave and try a new cut that emphasizes your booty optimally. You will not regret it and you are in vogue with such a modern cut!