Your perfect swimwear style

Five recommendations so you'll feel comfortable on the beach and look great in your bikini.

Best style for rather small bust size

If you have a rather small bust and therefore need less "support", then try a trendy bandeau bikini. Just add a cool bottom, put on your 90s sunglasses and let's go. You can also wear the bandeau top perfectly for going out, be it under an oversized blazer or under a cardigan with high-waisted pants.

Best swimwear for athletic shapes

If your figure is more straight up and down, with a smaller chest and slim hips, sporty styles will look especially great on you. Tops with decent push-up effect will create some definition, and high-leg briefs “celebrate” your booty best.

Best swimwear for bigger bums

Full-coverage boy shorts might be your go-to, but in reality, boy shorts can sometimes make everything look wider, and even have the effect of flattening out your bum. If you want to branch out, try on some high-leg, high-waisted briefs - these will give your bum a lifted, rounded effect.

Best style for a wider upper body

If you are a bit "wider" in the bust and shoulders, want to cover your belly a bit, but want to emphasize your slim legs nicely, then a swimsuit with a slightly higher leg is your perfect choice. Narrow straps will perfect your look, as they will not emphasize your shoulders.

Best style for the "Hourglass" body

If you have curvy hips and a full bust with a narrow waist, then a more classic bikini with high legs might be the best choice. Go for a bikini where you wear the bottom on hips, this way you will achieve maximum effect.