Hi, Sunshine

Nice to see you in our tonic bikini shop. One thing is clear to us: bikinis stand for the good times in life. Holidays, sun, fun, freedom, refreshment of body and soul - everything you need for a good mood. We believe the perfect bikini will make those beautiful moments perfect.

Our Story

We both love beaches and the summer! On our travels we realized that there are so cool beach styles out there (especially in the US and in Australia), but unfortunately you just can't find something like them here in Europe. So we started our mission to design and produce the perfect bikini style in Europe for Europe. No compromise on quality and design. First an idea, but as we plunged into the work, we quickly realized: there's something going on!

We have chosen the best Italian LYCRA® XTRA LIFE ™ fabrics and produce with our professional partner in Portugal. A new collection for women that are trendy and stylish. Bikinis that give a good feeling and confidence, and that emphasize your natural beauty. For our first collection, we chose four styles that simply guarantee the perfect beach look, depending on the situation and taste. Our trips to foreign countries have inspired us and that's why our styles have the names of our favorite beaches.

The Mission

We firmly believe that it is important for each of us to be proud of how one is. Our bikinis will support you. With our „europeanized" brazilian cut combined with the best available lycra quality and an extremely comfortable two-way stretch, you can be sure that you will look stunning (with a sexy touch) in your new tonic bikini. Your satisfaction is our mission, so please stay in touch with us, be it on Instagram, Facebook or directly with tonic bikini.

Be beautiful and look forward to a bikini that loves you. This is your summer!

We send you many sunkisses


Nicole & Tom